Snowshoeing in the Great North Woods

Photo Courtesy of Alain Wong

Breathtaking Snowshoeing 

Snowshoeing doesn’t get any better than in the Great North Woods, and will soon be one of your favorite winter activities. The North Country is home to tons of scenic hiking trails that can be hiked during the snow-covered winter months with snowshoes. Here in the North Country, our miles of trails through remote wilderness and up scenic mountain peaks offer a rewarding experience without the crowds of the White Mountains.

snowshoeing in New Hampshire

Dixville Notch State Park has many year-round accessible trails that are wonderful to snowshoe during the winter. Mount Sanguinary is a scenic trail through the balsam and spruce forest offering incredible views from a rocky pinnacle overlooking Lake Gloriette and the Balsams Grand Resort Hotel. Other popular trails include Table Rock and The Three Brothers Trail.

The Fourth Connecticut Lake Trail is nestled in a mountain valley just below the Canadian border. The trail is a modern, 2.1-mile loop trail around a small pond that straddles the international border.

Snowshoeing in the Great North Woods offers the opportunity to run into some of our favorite four-legged friends. Wildlife is abundant in the North Woods so don’t be surprised if you see a moose or deer lurking in the woods! Find a full list of our favorite ways to spend winter here.

After your long day in the snow, look to warm up at any one of our local restaurants for a hot plate!


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