North Country Paddling & Boating

Photo: Courtesy of Wes Lavin
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Photo: Courtesy of Jackson’s Lodge

Boating in the Great North Woods is truly unmatched. Whether your ideal day of boating involves taking a powerboat out on a large lake to cast for fish or enjoying a peaceful paddle in a kayak along a quiet, scenic pond, the North Country’s many lakes, ponds and rivers offer visitors wonderful boating adventures.

The North Country is home to many beautiful large lakes, including the Connecticut Lakes, Lake Francis and Back Lake. These lakes are renowned for their fishing, but they also have breathtaking scenery. Convenient boat launches on these lakes make it easy to get your boat on the water. Stay and play at Lopstick Lodge located just off Black Lake.

The region is also a paddler’s paradise where you can explore beautiful waterways, look for wildlife like moose, deer, bald eagles and loons, or just drift while fishing for trout and salmon. East Inlet is a popular spot for paddlers. It has one of the region’s last stands of virgin forests and is a popular place to see wildlife. Another wonderful destination, Lake Umbagog, features miles of scenic shoreline, remote islands to explore, and cabins and campsites to stay in. Second Connecticut Lake has 11 miles of diverse shoreline, and paddlers love exploring its islands and marshy inlets.

Boating off The Glen in First Connecticut Lake gives you the chance to spend the day exploring the wild New Hampshire shorelines of First Connecticut Lake. Or if you want to stay near the Vermont side, look into the Connecticut River, where the charming town of Northumberland offers bank-side views and the nearby Cape Horn State Forest. If it’s seclusion you’re looking for, Lake Frances offers quiet mornings and fresh air just outside of Pittsburgh, NH.

If you don’t own a boat, no problem. Many places in the area can rent you kayaks, canoes and, in some cases, even paddleboards.

Photo: Courtesy of Wes Lavin

Experiencing boating in northern NH & VT will bring you close to nature, help you forget the stresses of modern life and provide memories for years to come.


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