5 Unforgettable Fall Experiences in the North Country

When summer is still hanging on throughout most of New England, autumn begins making its way into the region, starting in New Hampshire’s North Country.

Far northern New Hampshire is one of the earliest places in the Northeast to experience fall. With miles of pristine wilderness that provide a landscape of breathtaking, colorful scenery, and abundant wildlife that offers some of the best hunting and fishing of the year, the North Country is one of the best autumn destinations in the Northeast. 

Here are five incredible experiences you can enjoy in the North Country this fall.

  • Leaf-PeepingThe North Country’s miles of forests and rolling hills offer visitors expansive, awe-inspiring views of colorful autumn foliage. The region is the first place in the nation to change colors, and visitors can enjoy looking at the fall colors from their cars while taking a drive on our scenic country roads that have no traffic. For a great fall drive in Pittsburg, NH, take Magalloway Road to Buck Horn Road and then Cedar Stream Road, making your way along the back side of Lake Francis. You can also add a touch of adventure to your fall foliage viewing by taking an ATV on our many trails. Or enjoy the views and crisp air on a hike through the woods on our uncrowded trails or a paddle on one of our many ponds or lakes. 
  • Hunting – The abundant wildlife and remote wilderness of the North Country offers sportsmen and women a wide variety of exciting hunting opportunities. Experience the thrill of some of the best bird hunting in the Northeast. Or try bigger game such as deer, bear or even moose.
  • Fall Fishing – Cooler temperatures make the region’s trout and landlocked salmon more active in the fall, making for some of the best fishing of the year. The region’s ponds, streams and the Connecticut and Androscoggin Rivers are all productive at this time of year.
  • Hiking – Fall is a great season for hiking the north country. For most hikers, a sense of solitude is just as important as scenery and climbing mountains. Here in the North Country, our miles of trails through remote wilderness and up scenic mountain peaks offer a rewarding hiking experience without the crowds of the White Mountains.
  • Metallak Race – Test yourself in this fun and challenging adventure race. The Metallak Race is a three-stage endurance event involving mountain biking, paddling and running on a course winding through some of the region’s most beautiful areas.


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