Sightseeing: Waterfalls, Covered Bridges & More in the Great North Country

Waterfalls of New Hampshire

Garfield Falls in Pittsburg, NH
Garfield Falls in Pittsburg, NH

Beaver Brook Falls- A magnificent waterfall located in Colebrook. Especially beautiful in fall with the crimson leaves surrounding it, it’s a nice place to dip your toes in the water, have a picnic and hike to the top if you’d like.  It’s even located right on the ATV trails for folks to stop at on their travels!  From Colebrook, NH, go north on Route 145 for 2.4 miles.  The falls will be on the right hand side of the road with ample parking.

Garfield Falls- The falls are on the east branch of Dead Diamond River very near the Maine Border.  Nature has made a magnificent, beautiful spot for fishermen and swimmers alike.  Located on Route 3 in Pittsburg, go north beyond First Connecticut Lake until reaching Magalloway Road.  G0 12 miles from Route 3, look for the sign on a path that says Garfield Falls; go about 1/4 mile down that path.

Dixville Flume Waterfall- Enjoy a beautiful view of the falls and picnic areas indicated by signs.  Located approximately 10 miles east from the junction of Routes 26 and 3 on Main Street in Colebrook.  It is situated a few steps from Route 26 at the foot of the hill east of Dixville Notch.

Little Hellgate Falls – Named “Hellgate” because many a logger lost his life here breaking up log jams. To get there, drive north on Rte 3 to Pittsburg to Magalloway Road (about 11 miles north of the village).  Turn right onto Magalloway Road. Take Buckhorn Road which is the second right off of Magalloway Road (about 3 miles). You will pass through a gate after 3-4 miles and the road becomes the Cedar Stream Road. Look for snowmobile trail #137 on the left. Park on the side and start down the the snowmobile trail. You will cross 2 snowmobile bridges. The trail head is located on the left, immediately after crossing the second bridge. The trail is beautifully done with log stairs and log benches. The trail into the falls is very steep so use caution in this section. 

Beaver Brook Falls in Colebrook, NH
Beaver Brook Falls in Colebrook, NH

The Balsams Water Fall- This fall is entirely man-made and was created as part of the recovery construction to replace the previous entranceway.  Located approximately 10 miles east from the junction of Routes 26 and 3 on Main Street in Colebrook.  It is located right opposite the entrance drive to the Balsams Hotel.

The Huntington Cascades- Follow the woods road which turns off the highway to the right, pass through the picnic grove and look for the path leading from the opposite side to the bridge at the foot of the cascades.  A trail follows the brook to a series of beautiful cascades extending nearly a mile, surpassed by none in the whole White Mountain region, and leads from there to Table Rock.  Located approximately 10 miles east from the junction of Routes 26 and 3 on Main Street in Colebrook.  Watch for the parking lot of the right hand side of Route 26 past the Balsams and Dixville Notch.

Pond Brook Falls: Located in Stratford, just south of Percy Peaks along Nash Stream Rd.  Directions.

Covered Bridges in New Hampshire & Vermont

River Road Covered Bridge- It is open for pedestrian traffic only.  Maintained by the Town of Pittsburg, volunteers clean the covered bridge and make minor repairs.  The style of this covered bridge is “Queenpost” ; built in 1858.  Located 7 miles north of Pittsburg village and 1 mile east of U.S. Route 3 on the road to Lake Francis State Park.

Bacon Road Covered Bridge / Pittsburg-Clarksville Bridge- It spans the Connecticut River, connecting the towns of Pittsburg and Clarksville.  It was closed to traffic in 1981.  The style of this covered bridge is Paddleford truss with added arches built around 1876.  Located by Route 3 in lower Pittsburg village on Bacon Road.

Columbia Covered Bridge- This covered bridge spans the Connecticut River. It connects Columbia, NH and Lemington, VT.  The style of this bridge is How truss.  Located in Columbia, NH, 4 miles south of Colebrook village on Columbia Bridge Road.

Columbia Covered Bridge
is the last covered bridge that spans the Connecticut River, connecting NH & VT.

Happy Corner Covered Bridge / Perry Stream Bridge- Happy Corner Bridge is one of the oldest covered bridges in northern New Hampshire.  This bridge style is a Paddleford truss (light) with added arches constructed in the mid-1800’s.  Located 200 yards east of U.S. Route 3 on Hill Road, 6 miles north of Pittsburg village.

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Historic Culture

The North Country has a fascinating history that is among the most colorful in the country.

Photo: Courtesy of NCCOC

Many people are surprised to learn some of the region was once an independent nation: the Indian Stream Republic. The tiny, short-lived nation was created due to a border dispute between the United States and British-controlled Canada during the early 1800s, a dispute that almost led to war. Residents of the disputed area declared their independence in 1832 and remained independent until the issue was resolved in 1840. Today, that independent spirit and unique character lives on in the people and places of our region.

The North Country is home to several attractions and museums that honor the region’s history and educate visitors about the area’s past. Among them is the Poore Farm Museum, just 10 minutes south of Pittsburgh, NH. The museum is considered by many people to be the most important historic landmark in New Hampshire. A visit to Poore Farm is like stepping back in time. The historic homestead and museum portrays what life was like in the area from 1830 to 1980. The house, barns and out-buildings are all in authentic condition and reflect their original use and era.

Photo: Courtesy of NCCOC

Another place to learn about history is the Tillotson Center. The center is home to a museum that has displays and dioramas illustrating school rooms, kitchens and farming techniques from the past, plus historic fire equipment.

Many towns in the North Country also operate interesting historical societies that display artifacts and have information about the area’s past.

You’ll discover that history comes alive in the North Country.


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