Wildlife & Nature

Photo: Courtesy of Roger Irwin

Our 300 plus species of wildlife that populate the region make any activity a Wildlife Adventure!  Whether you want to see a mighty moose or have a Canadian gray jay land in your hand, you’ll appreciate the wealth of wildlife we have to share.  Our cold boreal waters and forests make this area a habitat for some of the rarest birds and plants.  The Great North Woods is truly a natural wonder!  To help you identify some of the animals that you may see during your visit to our area, we compiled a check list that can be downloaded here. Enjoy, and as always, safety first! Make sure you study up for your Wildlife & Nature adventures!

Wildlife & Nature
Photo: Courtesy of Ray Lacasse

Many come to see our most famous residents- The Moose!

Moose are mostly active at night but can be seen any time of the day. Most sightings occur at dusk or dawn. 

A trip to “Moose Alley” (Route 3 just north of Pittsburg village) can almost guarantee at least one moose sighting. Please drive slowly and use caution…these are wild animals and are unpredictable. Be aware that due to their height and coloring, they do not show up well at night.

Wildlife & Nature
Photo: Courtesy of Ray Lacasse

Moose prefer a diet of aquatic vegetation and can be found “grazing” in the mud bogs off to the sides of the roads. See the moose along Route 3 north of Pittsburg Village, east on Route 26 toward Errol and west from Canaan toward Norton- all common moose hang-outs. Cars parked along the roadside at dusk or dawn are good indicators of a moose or two. Please use caution and don’t forget to bring a camera!

Breeding or rutting season lasts from September through October. During this season, the bulls can be aggressive and the cows are easily agitated. Viewing from your vehicle is the least stressful to the moose and the safest for all. Calves are born in the spring and usually stay with their mothers until the next calf is born the following year. Moose have a life expectancy of 20 years.

Wildlife & Nature
Photo: Courtesy of Judith Howcroft

How to Spot a Moose:  This is Moose Country!! Check out some great tips from NH Fish & Game

Deer Watching:  Many people in the area feed the deer.  The deer will feed very close to the roadside, creating a nice scene for photographers to come across.  Halls Stream Road, River Road and Pittsburg are all good places to seek out deer.

Bird Watching:  Try this secret spot!  Follow 145- N for 9 miles.  Take a left onto West Road, go 1 & 1/2 miles.  Take a left onto Moose Mtn. Road.  At this corner, start following 6 wooden signs with green print- “TNC & an oak leaf” to an old boreal swamp with wooden walking paths.  


This 32 page guide to our neck of the woods will help you find our local merchants, outdoor adventures and tourist events you won’t want to miss!

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