Our History

The North Country has been a beloved destination for visitors since the late 1800s. Our History means that today, we continue to be that tradition of being a favorite escape for people looking to experience natural beauty, thrilling outdoor adventures and the culture and history of this fascinating region.

For centuries, logging and farming have been the foundation of the North Country, and the people of this region are known for their colorful, independent spirit. In fact, that independent spirit even led to part of the North Country being its own nation for a short time. Due to a border dispute between the United States and British-controlled Canada during the early 1800s, some North Country residents declared their independence in 1832 and founded the Indian Stream Republic. The republic remained independent until the border dispute was resolved in 1840.

Visitors began flocking to the North Country in the late 1800s, taking the train from cities like Boston and New York City. In the North Country, the fresh mountain air and beautiful wilderness landscape provided visitors welcome relief from city life. Hunting lodges began to spring up in the region as the North Country gained a reputation for being a wonderful place for fishing and hunting.

Today, the North Country is experiencing a renaissance. Still popular among hunters and fishermen, the region is also attracting people who enjoy hiking, paddling, biking, ATVing and snowmobiling. New businesses are injecting new life into the region, and interesting craft stores, wonderful bakeries and high-quality restaurants are helping to make the North Country one of the most fun and interesting destinations in New England.

Explore the North Country and you’ll discover a fascinating history behind this exciting destination.


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