North Country Waterfalls

Beaver Brook Falls- Photo: Courtesy of Wes Lavin

New Hampshire’s North Country is home to some of New England’s most spectacular waterfalls. And, thanks to warmer days and the region’s late snowmelt and spring rains, this is the best time of year to visit them.

Many of the region’s waterfalls make ideal spots to enjoy a picnic or even a swim. Several are in parks filled with fun, scenic hiking trails. All are inspiring and beautiful. Here are a few of the best.

BEAVER BROOK FALLS – These towering falls on Route 145 in Colebrook stand an impressive 80 feet high. A picnic area near the base of the falls makes a great place to enjoy lunch while appreciating Beaver Brook’s scenic beauty.

Garfield Falls
– Photo: Courtesy of Lopstick

GARFIELD FALLS – Garfield Falls might seem a little out of the way, but this spot’s stunning beauty makes it well worth the trip. From Route 3 in Pittsburg, you’ll travel more than 12 miles down Magalloway Road before coming to the trailhead. A short hike through scenic woods takes you to Garfield Falls, which stands nearly 40 feet high. Bring a swimsuit so you can enjoy the falls while swimming in the cool, clear water below.

FALLS IN THE RIVER – This attractive, stepped waterfall is located in Pittsburg along the upper Connecticut River between First and Second Connecticut Lake. It’s an enjoyable 1.5-mile hike to the falls from Second Connecticut Lake Dam. Keep an eye out for moose, as they’re especially common in this area.

HUNTINGTON CASCADES – These attractive falls in Dixville Notch State Park are made up of two distinct sections. The segmented lower falls stand 18 feet high and are surrounded by thick, green moss. The upper falls stand 50 feet high and drop steeply.DIXVILLE FLUME –  Located in Dixville Notch State Park, Dixville Flume is a set of three drops in a narrow flume. The drops total about 18 feet, but what these falls lack in height they make up for with their idyllic beauty. The area is well-shaded, making it a cool place to picnic on warm summer days.

Little Hellgate Falls
– Photo: Courtesy of Lopstick

LITTLE HELLGATE FALLS – These beautiful falls have a dark history. Located deep in the woods, these falls are exceptionally attractive. But they are named “Hellgate” because many loggers died there trying to break up log jams. To get there, take Magalloway Road to Buckhorn Road which will be the second right. After more than three miles, you’ll pass a gate, and the road becomes Cedar Stream Road. Keep an eye out for snowmobile trail #137 on the left. Park and follow the trail to the falls.



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