Your Family Trip “Unplugged” and Connected With Nature

Photo: Courtesy of Lopstick

Your Family Trip “Unplugged” and Connected With Nature, Explore the Outdoors in New Hampshire

Disconnect and relax in the North Country 

If you are planning a trip with your family or close group of friends, you might find that a device free vacation is a great way to unplug from technology and connect with nature and each other. With the incorporation of devices into everyday life, people are finding that an adventure where phones, laptops, and tablets are left behind is a great way to rejuvenate and relax into a vacation. Here are some great ways to get out, unplug and enjoy nature by exploring the outdoors in New Hampshire.

Paddle the day away or find a nice beach to relax on (photo courtesy Britni Haley)

Unplug “Your Way”

You might have plans for a bed and breakfast stay in Millsfield, a cabin rental in Pittsburg, or a tent site in North Stratford, where you stay and the activities you plan for, can help dictate the level of unplugged adventures you will enjoy. Determine what disconnecting means to you, maybe don’t want to have cell service to answer a call or text but still need wi-fi to check your emails in the evening. Whether you’re a couple looking for a quiet getaway, retirees finding an adventure, a family with young children, or a family full of teenagers – the North Country has the adventures and the accommodations you need to connect with your loved ones, and disconnect from your devices.

Enjoy the spectacular views and pristine nature (Photo courtesy of Wes Lavin)

Make Your Unplugged Plan

If you want to experience the quiet calm of a kayak trip out on a serene lake and witness the last loons gliding across the surface before they migrate, make your unplugged plan before you head out on your adventure through the outdoor in New Hampshire. Whether your family decides to leave all devices at home or if you bring them along for a once a day check-in, consider figuring out what level of unplugged works for your family before your trip, and with that set you can plan your adventures from there.

Spend the day fishing or enjoying family (Photo courtesy of Lopstick)

Where Wilderness is The Cure

There is something rejuvenating about the crisp morning air of New Hampshire, especially when you wake up on a picturesque lake or with a family hike after breakfast. By unplugging, everyone gets a chance to reconnect and experience the great outdoors with one another. The beauty of an adventure in the North Country is that you never know what unexpected moments will transform your vacation from a great plan to a great experience. Getting out there and being amongst the trees, streams, and wildlife can cure what ails you and create memories that will last a lifetime. Here are a few activities you and your family can enjoy.

The view from Mount Magalloway

Walks In the Woods

Whether your family is looking for an easy trail through the woods or a challenging climb with panoramic views of the whole state of New Hampshire, hiking is a great way to get out into the woods and see new things while enjoying each other’s company. Check out the Clarksville Freedom Trail for a stroller-friendly and wheelchair accessible hike. If you are looking for something more moderate for your family, you might try climbing Mount Magalloway. It has a great panoramic view of three states as well as Canada. If your family is looking for something challenging, head over to Dixville Notch and check out Table Rock, it is steep but with a spectacular view.

Outdoors in New Hampshire

Enjoy the sunset and a campfire (Photo courtesy of Jackson’s Lodge)

Camping and Campfires

If you are really looking to unplug from everything and reconnect with your loved ones, consider a night around a campfire. There is nothing like the warmth of the fire and stars overhead to help us reflect on the things that are most important in life. A campfire at the end of a long day is a chance to relax, tell stories, remember moments of the past, and have some great conversations. Consider roasting hot dogs over the fire or ending the night with classic s’mores. A camping adventure and setting up a tent is a great way to encourage teamwork, cooperation, and disconnect from everything. If that’s a little too unplugged for your family, you might choose a cabin with all (or at least most) of the comforts of home. Indoor plumbing, bedrooms and a kitchen will allow even the most hardened city slicker to enjoy an evening under the stars, while still being able to crawl into a nice warm bed at night.

Outdoors in New Hampshire

Moose sighting, a mom and her calf (Photo courtesy of Wes Lavin)

Wildlife Viewing

One of the many beauties of New Hampshire’s North Country is the variety of wildlife you might happen to come across during your family adventures. From bald eagles and loons to flocks of turkeys, there enough birds in the area to put your Audubon Field Guide to the test. If you are hoping for a deer or moose sighting, heading far away from town will be your best bet and your chances are high in the North Country. Your family can up their chances of a rare moose sighting by taking a leisurely drive up Route 3, North of Pittsburg. Drive slow, stay in your car, and might see one of the majestic beauties. Read more about the best places to find a moose.

Getting Out on The Water

One great way for families to enjoy the outdoors in New Hampshire nature is to get out on the water. Whether you hop into a canoe or kayak and slice an oar through the water, find yourself interested in fishing, or simply having a picnic lakeside, you can enjoy the beautiful views that New Hampshire’s lakes offer. If your family is looking for a water experience, consider a canoe trip under one of the area’s covered bridges or out on one of the many area lakes. If you love fishing or have an interest in trying it for the first time, Lake Francis and the Connecticut Lakes are beautiful lakes and you might even snag a lake trout, brook trout, or salmon.

Outdoors in New Hampshire

Disconnect from technology and leave your worries in the dust! (Photo courtesy Bear Rock Adventures)

Adventures through the Outdoors in New Hampshire

One of the most fun and adventurous ways to see a new side of nature and have some fun is to head out on the trails with an ATV. The area is well known for the 1,000 miles of well-groomed trails made specifically for ATV and OHRV, the network of trails is known as Ride The Wilds. With ATV rentals and tour guides available, you can have an adventure deep in the woods and far from all of your devices. The great thing about an ATV ride is that it welcomes all ages and abilities, while allowing your family to go at the speed and pace that is comfortable. Many towns in the area can serve as a home base for your ATV adventures, especially ones that are right on the trail.

If hunting is a family hobby or tradition, the North Country is a great place for a variety of game. Hunting licenses are available, in season at various locations.

Outdoors in New Hampshire

Whatever you choose – kick back, relax, and enjoy!  (Photo courtesy of Jackson’s Lodge)

Unplugging from daily life is a way to live in the moment, enjoy the beauty of your surroundings and spend time with those closest to you, without the distractions that have seemed to take over our busy lives. With a weekend away in the North Country, you and your loved ones can find relaxation in the great outdoors, find activities that you love, and adventures that will become memories for a long time to come. So plan for a night around a campfire or a hike in the woods together and find the experiences you can’t find on your tablet, phone, or computer – with the Outdoors in New Hampshire.


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