Prime Riding: Exploring New Hampshire With An ATV

Photo: Courtesy of Bear Rock Adventures

New Hampshire is quickly becoming the premier location in New England for ATV enthusiasts and for a good reason. The beautiful landscape, the changing seasons, and the ability to get out and enjoy nature is a captivating way to spend time in the North Country. The beauty of this sport is how accessible it is for all ages and abilities. From retired couples to young adults, it is an amazing way to encounter nature deep in the heart of the woods. Because of this love of adventure, over the past couple of years, the North Country of NH has witnessed an increase in ATV and OHRV registrations. In 2016 alone there were 30,600 vehicles registered, making this a significant recreation in the area. The state has also reported an uptick in the temporary 10-day registrations for vehicles, as the popularity and interest in ATV events such as the Jericho ATV Festival, Polaris’ Camp RZR and others. Attendees of these popular events (drawing nearly 7,000 riders each) are also beginning to venture out and discover the vast and expanding trail opportunities in the western part of NH.

Riding The Wilds

Much of this increase in the area’s popularity is due to the connecting ATV trails in the area, called Ride The Wilds. Started in the summer of 2013, it is a connection of over 1,000 miles of trails that are dedicated to OHRV and ATV riding. “It is an excellent way to see and experience the beauty of New Hampshire’s landscape.” Said Jodi Gilbert of the North Country Chamber of Commerce. This unique and dramatic trail network travels throughout the Chamber’s coalition of towns. Colebrook, Dixville Notch, Millsfield, Pittsburg, Stratford, and West Stewartstown are all connected to the Ride The Wilds trail system or are very close by. One of the greatest advantages of enjoying the trails and connecting to these places is the ability to ride a recreational vehicle on village roads in every town that is connected to Ride The Wilds. Visitors can leave their bed and breakfast or inn on their ATV or OHRV and hit the trails, stopping for lunch or sightseeing in towns further down the trail.

Welcoming To All

atv, new hampshire, ride the wilds, bear rock adventures
Photo: Courtesy of Bear Rock Adventures

Some say that they ride ATVs for the thrill and for some it is all about getting out into nature, but nearly everyone can agree that it is both fun and therapeutic. The beauty of this sport is that it can be the speed and the adventure that any individual is looking for; gentle or adventurous, it is available to all ages. There are countless ways to enjoy getting out there and experiencing what New Hampshire’s country has to offer. Many grandparents are finding it as a way to connect with their grandchildren, married couples are finding it as a way to experience nature together, and young adults are finding it as a way to see the world. For every rider, it brings a sense of freedom and a genuine feeling of joy. There is nothing like the wind in the hair, the smell of the trees warmed by the sun, and the unexpected around the next corner and there are not many better places to experience this than the North Country of NH. ATV riding gets people far afield from the highways and towns that dot the landscape and brings people into experiencing the landscape directly. With the possibility of stumbling across beautiful rivers, streams, picturesque views, and wildlife, it truly is an adventure for all ages.

The North Country

atv, new hampshire, ride the wilds, bear rock adventures
Photo: Courtesy of Bear Rock Adventures

The North Country is home to charming towns, hidden waterfalls, and picturesque covered bridges. It is a great home base for any ATV or UTV enthusiast, with plenty to offer both on and off the path. There are many local ATV and OHRV trails and routes throughout the area that visitors can enjoy. With a wide array of lodging options, restaurants, shopping, and activities the North Country has a lot to offer. “The North Country in New Hampshire continues to impress in what it has to offer for outdoor recreation. With the Ride the Wilds ATV system linking many communities, the North Country has become accessible in a whole new way” says Gray Rentz, Customer Experience Manager for Polaris Industries Inc. “Scenic vistas, approachable terrain and numerous rider friendly destinations make it one of the top growing ride areas in the US; attracting a new clientele for the local economy and offering a great experience to visitors.”

As the area continues to receive praise and attention from industry giants like Polaris for being a year round riding destination (it’s also a top snowmobile destination in the winter), the North Country may be at it’s most spectacular in the fall, claiming some of the most beautiful foliage in the country. With the leaves changing from green to pinks, oranges, yellows and reds, it is a remarkable experience to see the changing landscape before your eyes. On a short list of the country’s top fall riding destinations, this may be at the top. On a trail deep in the woods, it is a unique experience altogether. The North Country is also home to hiking trails, canoeing, fishing, and snowmobiling. For many outdoor enthusiasts, coupling snowmobiling with their love of riding an ATV makes the nature of New Hampshire something they can experience year- round.

Easy Access To The Area

Another reason the North Country of New Hampshire has become a premiere destination for ATV riding is the easy access from points afar, as it is a breeze for visitors to find their way here. From points South, visitors can arrive in the North Country via Interstate 93 and Route 3. From the West, Vermont’s Interstate 91 connects easily to Route 3 and points beyond. With such easy access by car and easy access to the trails, this area makes for a great home base for outdoor adventures in any season.

Making The Adventure Come True

atv, new hampshire, ride the wilds, bear rock adventures
Photo: Courtesy of Bear Rock Adventures

One of the other benefits about this spectacular area is the ability to rent an ATV or OHRV, to make the adventure a reality for those who don’t own their own or want to bring family or friends. With Bear Rock Adventures located in Pittsburg, NH, renting a vehicle for trail rides is a pleasant experience. They offer trail maps, top of the line vehicles, customized trips with Pick Your Own Adventure planning, personal trail guides, and flexibility for groups of all sizes. Bear Rock Adventures chose the North Country because they knew there was something special about the area. It had the scenery, the trails, and the community they were looking for when they set out to be the ATV and OHRV rental company for Ride The Wilds visitors. 

Whether a visitor is an experienced rider, a first-timer, young, or young at heart, ATV riding is the opportunity for people to experience the nature that New Hampshire has to offer. The trails are the place to get the heart racing or find the peace of mind a visitor is looking for, and it is something available to everyone who wants to experience it. North Country Chamber of Commerce is excited about the future of riding in this area, as it is quickly becoming the premier ATV destination in the Northeast.


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