This is the year of the North Country. Come explore with us this year for new destinations and explorations. What could be better than a getaway after a busy holiday season? Discover some of our favorite North Country staples to beat cabin fever and kick off the new year right.

 New year in New Hampshire:

Head north for wintery fun! With trails, frozen lakes and ponds, plus snow-covered mountains we offer a variety of winter activities perfect for all ages.

 Winter Festival in New Hampshire:

When the weather gets cooler, our adventures amp up! With thousands of miles of groomed snowmobile trails, one of our most popular winter activities is snowmobiling! The snowmobiling season officially caps off with the GoNorth Snofest! Snofest is a celebration of the region’s winter culture.

With so many local snowmobile riders, and people who travel across the country, it only makes sense that we would host an annual snowmobile festival! Snofest features a display of vintage snowmobiles allowing visitors to peek into what snowmobiling looked like in the early years of the sport. Guests also have a chance to test drive new snowmobile models, participate in family-friendly activities, human-powered sports and more! Stop by, we’d love to celebrate one of our favorite pastimes with you.

The North Country Community Recreation Center is open year-round and offers several different indoor and outdoor activities that will keep you entertained all day long. During winter, the recreation center also has an outdoor skating rink. Whether you’re a professional figure skater or lacing up ice skates for the first time, stop by and practice your glide! It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with friends and family.

The North Country is blessed with natural beauty, seen through the surrounding environment. However, it’s also known for its rich heritage of history that truly made the region what it is today. Want to stay warm? Check out community heritage, visual and performing arts at the Tillotson Center in Colebrook. The historic theatre known for an impressive art gallery, a 171-seat theatre and Historical Society annex started as a mere horse stable. Today, the Center is an oasis for artists including sketches, paintings, photographs, ceramics and even wood carvings. Or treat yourself to a performance by pianist Ben Cosgrove performing on the 1928 Steinway Parlor Concert piano, which is on loan to the center.

Enjoy the Barbara Nedd’s Exhibit in the Tilly Gallery at the Tillotson Center called “Colebrook Through the Years.” Or take in any of the entertaining shows from the orchestra or balcony such as the great art film “Tintoretto” or the Winter Revival Series through January. 

  In the lower level of the Tillotson Center, you can get a glimpse into the past. The most exciting parts of the Annex exhibit are the displays of historic firefighting equipment and a soda-acid wagon that was used by the Colebrook Fire Department in 1880. Stop by to learn a little bit more about what makes the Great North Woods unique.

Try something new this year. Dogsledding isn’t just a thrill ride for the movies. The Great North Woods has some of the best dogsledding in the nation! We have multiple dog sled outfitters that are happy to help plan an experience of a lifetime. Bundle up and hop on the sled for a one-of-a-kind winter adventure. Fly through the idyllic scenery while the rest of the world fades away. 

Our scenic winters are perfect for traditional New Hampshire experiences. Travel somewhere new this year to find an unmatched getaway. Find more winter activities in our Go North Guide.

Winter is a beautiful time here in the Great North Woods!

Sledding in the North Country


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