Your Guide to Fly Fishing in the North Country

Photo: Courtesy of Jackson's Lodge

There’s something magical about fly fishing: the peaceful feeling of standing waist-deep in a clear, cool river, surrounded by beautiful wilderness, rhythmically and patiently casting large loops of line overhead, trying to land your artificial insect lure in just the right place … and then the sudden surge of excitement as your line suddenly tightens with the pull of a salmon or trout.

Home to a magnificent collection of pristine lakes, ponds and rivers – all managed to perfection – the North Country offers anglers some of the very best fly fishing in the eastern United States. The region’s waters provide an ideal environment for native brook trout, rainbows and brown trout, and even species of landlocked salmon.

Among the best places for fly fishing are the Androscoggin River in Errol and the headwaters of the Connecticut River, which is home to the “Trophy Stretch.” This famed section of whitewater river runs from the First Connecticut Lake dam roughly two-and-half-miles downriver to Lake Francis and is legendary for its productive rainbow, brook trout and salmon fishing.

Whether casting from shore, in waders or from a boat out on the water, visitors will also enjoy fishing the region’s many large lakes, ponds and bogs. The Connecticut Lakes and out-of-the-way places like Back Lake offer anglers wonderful fishing opportunities. Big Brook Bog, Terrill Pond and Scott’s Bog are also popular fly fishing spots.

When fishing the area, it’s a good idea to hire a local guide. Regardless of whether you’re a highly-experienced angler or have never fished before in your life, the region’s expert guides can teach you the nuances of fishing the region and increase your chances of success. Check out Lopstick in Pittsburgh for your ultimate New Hampshire fly fishing experience. They’re right across the Daniel Webster Highway from First Connecticut Lake. And bring the whole family – the lakes offer lots of fun activities for everyone, including boating, swimming and paddleboarding in the North Country.

Fly fishing the North Country is sure to be an experience you never forget.

Photo: Courtesy of Lopstick


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