Experience Spring in the North Country

Spring in the North Country of New Hampshire is a bit different and more exciting than you’ll find in other places.

Here, snow hangs around well into April and May, blending with longer days and warmer temperatures to create some of the best snowmobiling conditions of the year. With riding conditions still at their peak, riders can enjoy exploring the region’s trails for hours more each day under the sun, and without the biting cold of mid-winter. If you don’t own a snowmobile, don’t worry. You can rent a snowmobile and gear at many places, including Bear Rock Adventures and Lopstick, both located in Pittsburgh, NH – right between Lake Francis and Washburn Family Forest.

The conditions that make snowmobiling so great at this time of year also make our other winter activities wonderful, too. Enjoy the warmer days and the smell of spring air by snowshoeing or cross-country skiing on our miles of wilderness trails.

Spring is also the North Country’s sweetest time of year as it is maple sugar season. Drive – or snowmobile – over to April’s Maple outside of Canaan VT, where you can enjoy maple-infused pancakes, sausages, hot dogs and much more. Try their Maple Creemee, a delicious maple ice cream cone that has become legendary in the region. Or enjoy one of their many maple sugar treats.

As the region’s snow melts during the spring, all the Vermont and new Hampsire waterfalls are at their most impressive. It’s the best time of year to visit breathtaking falls such as Beaver Brook Falls, Garfield Falls, Falls in the River, and many others.

Come experience the excitement and beauty that spring in the North Country has to offer.


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