Game On! It’s Hunting Season in the North Country

Game On! It’s Hunting Season in the North Country! Explore Hunting Season in New Hampshire

Why is the Great North Woods considered some of the best for hunting season in New Hampshire? The North County boasts some of the largest, most remote wilderness areas in New England with over 200,000 acres of dense spruce forests, and annually attracts hunters seeking their luck with whitetailed deer, black bear and moose species.  Hunting in the North Country is carefully controlled and monitored by the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department and is designed to protect the sustainable health and size of the state’s animal resources. 

Many of the experienced hunters who visit the North Country during the fall months have their favorite hunting grounds and areas. Newcomers and first-timers are well advised to consider hiring an experienced guide to show them the ropes. 

ALL hunters are required to purchase hunting licenses from NH Fish and Game. Licenses can be purchased online (go to, at most town halls, and at sporting goods retailers.

Here are the details on the hunting seasons for some popular game species:
Bear season opens September 1, and hunting season for other game animals continues on a schedule through the autumn months.


The North Country’s rugged terrain is perfect for whitetail deer. They grow big in these parts. The area is famous for its large bucks, which are often more than 200 pounds. 

Archery season: Sept. 15-Dec. 8

Muzzleloader: Nov. 2-Nov. 12 (Antlered only, Nov. 3-12)

Firearms: Any deer: Nov. 13

Antlered deer: Nov. 14- Dec. 1

Black Bear

Perhaps the most exciting big game species in the Northeast, hunting these impressive creatures takes both skill and courage. The North Country’s vast areas of remote forest are ideal habitat for black bear. 

General season: Sept. 1-Nov. 12

Baiting Season: Sept. 1-Sept 28

Dog Hunting Season: Sept. 23-Nov. 12


A limited number of licenses are issued every year for the moose hunt, and 2019 permits have been closed. Contact NH Fish and Game to apply for the 2020 hunt. The North Country is known for having the largest moose population in the state.

Moose Season: October 19-27, By Permit Only

If big game hunting isn’t for you, check out more info on upland bird hunting.


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