5 Reasons to Try Upland Bird Hunting in the North Country

5 Reasons to Try Upland Bird Hunting in the North Country. Explore Bird Hunting in New Hampshire

Few outdoor activities can compare with the thrill of upland bird hunting. New Hampshire’s North Country has some of the very best bird hunting habitat in the Northeast. The Great North Woods boats of the best of bird hunting in New Hampshire. Whether you’re an experienced hunter who has been stalking birds for years, or a complete novice, here are five reasons you should try upland bird hunting in the North Country this year.

  • The Excitement – Upland bird hunting is one of the most thrilling and enjoyable outdoor activities you can do. It is filled with moments of tension as you walk through the woods, looking, stalking, anticipating finding a pheasant or woodcock. Then there is the incomparable moment of action and excitement as a bird takes flight and you need to stay calm, act fast and shoot straight. 
  • The Ground CoverThe North Country is home to some of the best ground cover in the Northeast. The region’s scrub growth and wetland bogs are ideal for woodcock, pheasant and grouse, and these birds love the area’s high bush cranberry, raspberry and mountain ash.
  • Early Snow Helps – Snow arrives early in the North Country. It’s common to have snow in November and even October. When snow is on the ground, it makes it easier for hunters to track birds.
  • Work Alongside Man’s Best Friend – Who doesn’t love dogs? When you’re bird hunting, you get to work as a team with highly-trained dogs as they search for a scent and alert you to a bird’s presence.

Experienced, Helpful Guides – The North Country has some of the very best upland bird hunting guides around. They’re experienced, friendly, and they know how to hunt the area better than anybody. If you’re an experienced hunter, these guides can help you with the nuances of the region. If you’re a rookie, they’ll provide helpful instruction and ease you into your first (of likely many) upland bird hunting experiences. Lopstick has some of the best guides in the region, and they’ll help you have an amazing hunting experience. Learn more about Lopstick here.


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