ATV Adventures on NH’s “Ride the Wilds” Trail System

Photo: Courtesy of Steve Wyman

There’s something about riding through the woods that’s in our DNA.

When you were a kid – regardless of whether your preferred mode of transportation was a bicycle, go cart or even a motorized dirt bike – there’s a good chance you enjoyed the thrill of cruising over a wooded trail with friends, kicking up clouds of dirt, getting jostled as you leapt and dropped over rocks and bumps.

Today, you likely have a job, a mortgage, maybe even kids of your own. But there’s probably a part of you that never truly outgrew that love of speed and adventure.

There’s no need to deny yourself that fun, no matter what your age. In fact, thanks to the rising popularity of ATVs, you have lots of great opportunities to enjoy motoring over wooded trails today. And it makes a great family activity.

Arguably the best place to ride is up in northern New Hampshire, where you can enjoy more than 1,000 miles of interconnected ATV trails known as the Ride the Wilds trail system. The Wilds span from Berlin up to Pittsburgh, and offer stops in Colebrook, Dixville Notch and many more towns along the way.

As the largest ATV trail system in the Northeast, the Ride the Wilds trails offer something for every kind of rider, whether you’re a novice looking to enjoy a gentle ride or an experienced driver seeking the adrenaline rush of challenging trails and rugged climbs. The trails are open each year from Memorial Day Weekend through the end of September.

With so many miles of trails in the Ride the Wilds system, riders can cruise for days on end without getting bored or having to ride the same trails over again. The trails weave through the vast wilderness of the North Country, providing ATV riders with breathtaking views of mountains, fields, forests and waterways.

All the communities along the trail system allow ATVs to use town roads to access services or connect to other trails, making it easy for riders to fuel up or get something to eat when they need to, or take a moment to visit one of New Hampshire’s many craft breweries. Many restaurants are conveniently located close to trails, making it easy for riders to stop for a delicious meal at a place like April’s Maple or the Buck Rub Pub .

If you don’t have your own vehicle, don’t worry! You can still enjoy the trails thanks to ATV rentals Bear Rock Adventures in Pittsburg, New Hampshire.


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