A Total Solar Eclipse is Coming… See it here!

The ten month countdown is on to the next total solar eclipse happening April 8, 2024 and you can catch it right here in beautiful northern New Hampshire!

Only TWO total solar eclipses have been seen in NH over the last 150 years with the last one seen in 1959. This does not come around often, and the North Country of New Hampshire is one of only a dozen places in North America where anyone can witness this astronomical phenomenon. 

What is a total solar eclipse?

NASA explains, “A total solar eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, completely blocking the face of the Sun. People located in the center of the Moon’s shadow when it hits Earth will experience a total eclipse. The sky will darken, as if it were dawn or dusk.”  On April 8th of next year, the total solar eclipse will cross North America, passing over Mexico, the United States, and Canada beginning over the South Pacific Ocean. 

Our northern New Hampshire and northeastern Vermont communities are abuzz with excitement as one of few places with primo seats to the eclipse show and our towns, businesses, and residents are already preparing for an influx of visitors.  We look forward to welcoming you and are in the full swing of planning for the event.

This story done by NH’s local news, WMUR describes our preparations best. Watch it HERE.

What should you plan for?

Our North Country of New Hampshire and Northeast Kingdom of Vermont are rural communities that are adept at welcoming tourism for many aspects of recreation.  However, we are expecting a lot of visitors during the eclipse and our infrastructure is not created for tens of thousands of visitors in a short timeframe so we will need your help keeping our remote areas protected.

It’s best to plan ahead with regard to your lodging, travel plans, and even what you pack – we are happy to help you plan your trip north!  Given the number of lodging and dining establishments and the potential for large crowds to view the eclipse, we recommend packing camping trip essentials such as a cooler with snacks for your trip, water, and even extra gasoline – because we always encourage preparedness whether you’re out hiking the Cohos trail, ATVing through the area, or simply taking a day hike so you’ll have an astounding view of the eclipse.  

Your preparedness and willingness to help us keep our remote and rural communities the beautiful places that we love to live and you love to visit is what will make this impressive event a fun experience for all. 

Whether you’re an astronomy buff, want to marvel at a rare sight, or have simply been looking for a good excuse to pay us a visit, now’s the time to plan your trip! We’re expecting a rush of visitors and wouldn’t want you to miss out.

No worries…we’re here to help! Here’s a look at some lodging options, as well as some other fun things to do while you’re here. And, if we can be of further assistance, just let us know.

So…plan ahead and join us in the countdown to the big show! 


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