There are few places left in America like ours, where we really live free. Where solitude and tranquility are woven into the fabric of the landscape. Rooted in tradition, our community is hard-working, but we also know how to have fun.

Nestled in a vast mountain paradise, the Great North Woods of New Hampshire and Vermont has hundreds of thousands of acres of pristine forests full of endless opportunities for outdoor adventure and wildlife viewing to experience the best of fall in New Hampshire. Explore this hidden gem where we live, work and more importantly, play free.

North Country Events to Celebrate

 The North Country has a long-storied history to celebrate – join us this year for Colebrook’s 250th celebration on Saturday, Sept. 5. This historic event will honor and look back at the town of Colebrook, which was founded in 1770.

The town of Colebrook started with a grant to Sir George Colebrooke. From its humble roots, it grew as a farming community in the northern reaches of New Hampshire. Following the Civil War, Colebrook became the No. 1 manufacturer of potato starch in the nation.

 The Colebrook 250th celebration is a family-friendly event for anyone and everyone who has ever had the honor of calling Colebrook home. We look forward to safely and responsibly honoring this community that has meant so much to the Great North Woods throughout the past 250 years.

Another favorite event for the region, the Moose Festival, sponsored by the North Country Chamber of Commerce, had to be canceled this year and we hope to pick it up again in 2021. The safety of our community is a top priority for the chamber and its partners.

There is still plenty of fun to be had! Check out this year’s Moose Festival Cow Plop Bingo on Saturday, Aug. 29. Tickets are $10 and there are 250 tickets total for the game. Tickets will remain on sale until they are sold out. The winner will walk away with up to 50 percent of the ticket sales, which totals up to $1,250! The other half will go to support the North Country Chamber of Commerce.

The event begins at noon and participants do not need to be present to win. There is no limit on how many squares each person may buy so make sure to get your squares sooner than later for a chance to win big before they sell out.

Another favorite to check out is the Drive-In Movie Night at the Canaan Rec Park which starts on Friday, Aug. 28 with Footloose and Smokey and the Bandit on Sept. 4. Gates open at 7:30 p.m. and the show starts at dusk. Admission is only $25 per vehicle.

Fall Foliage

As the air starts to cool, the leaves will start to turn here in the Great North Woods — painting a varied color palette across the hillsides of red, orange, and yellow. The fall foliage is something to behold. People flock here from around the world to view this unique kaleidoscope of colors. So where is the best place to view the leaves this season? There are plenty of options to choose from.

Take advantage of the Go North 9er Hiking Challenge this fall with five peaks in New Hampshire and four in Vermont. Those who dare to tackle the challenge will get a great view of the area’s landscape and all it has to offer. Those who have the legs, lungs, and heart to complete all nine of the Go North 9ers will receive a certificate and custom patch to let everyone know they conquered the famed peaks. Hiking is one of the best ways to view the colors, but it’s not the only way to experience fall in New Hampshire.

A relaxing drive along Route 26 from Colebrook to Errol, NH offers an array of fall colors sure to brighten any day. Or check out Route 145 between Colebrook and Pittsburg — this drive opens to farms fields and hillsides covered in color. You can also consider enjoying the peace and tranquility of fishing any of the Connecticut Lakes or Connecticut River, all while checking out the leaves from the shore or bank.

Paddling is another way to get a different vantage point this time of year. Often the reflection of the leaves in the stream or lake can create a whole new perspective on the concept of “watercolors.” The East Inlet in Pittsburg provides paddlers with amazing views of the hills without any disruption or hint of civilization.

Great North Woods

Walt Whitman once wrote, “I take to the open road, healthy, free, the world before me.” Follow in Whitman’s steps and take to the road with a trip to the Great North Woods.

The best kind of road trip to take here is an off-road one. New Hampshire is the prime ATV enthusiast spot in all of New England and Vermont. Here you can leave your daily worries behind and drive into the scenic landscapes full of woods, lakes, and pristine valleys. The renowned Ride the Wilds trail system offers more than 1,000 miles of trails to explore the beautiful fall in New Hampshire.

Go beyond the normal highway road trip and take in the landscape the best way possible, by riding through it. Let the smell of fresh trees fill your lungs – we promise, you will never feel freer than while enjoying a thrilling road trip through the scenic New Hampshire countryside.

 Truly experiencing the freedom that fall in New Hampshire embodies requires checking out the entire region. One of the quintessential features of any scenic New Hampshire drive is our covered bridges. Make sure to visit these historic structures that span not only scenic rivers but the test of time.

From the Columbia Covered Bridge that towers above the Connecticut River connecting Columbia, NH and Lemington, VT, to the River Road Covered Bridge constructed in 1858 just north of Pittsburg Village, there is a bridge worth checking out. Adjacent to the scenic roadways on a regional trip you will find an array of magnificent waterfalls cascading throughout the North Country.

Make sure to take a moment to view Beaver Brook Falls in Colebrook! The falls are beautiful from any vantage point. Snap a selfie with Garfield Falls, which is located at the east branch of Dead Diamond River near the Maine border. These falls are a certified “Go North Fav” and are sure to leave you refreshed and rejuvenated for the rest of your road trip.

State parks also offer endless recreational activities for the whole family. From moose spotting to fishing, there’s something for everyone. Start with a visit to one of the region’s many go-to spots with Ducret’s Sporting Goods on Main Street in Colebrook. They will take care of all your outdoor needs before you venture into nature.

Head to one of the region’s many state parks including Deer Mountain State Park or Lake Francis State Park and soak in the remote wilderness that will remind you of what true freedom really is.

Nothing is more memorable than landing a fish for the first time. The North Country’s lakes and streams are thick with wild trout waiting for an angler to come along. Check out the Androscoggin River in Errol or the headwaters of the Connecticut River, which is known as a “trophy stretch” of water. Cast a line and create memories that will last a lifetime with your loved ones.

Consider some upland bird hunting to go with your fishing. The thrill of upland bird hunting in New Hampshire’s North Country is unparalleled in the Northeast. Combine the joy of walking through the fall woods with stalking pheasants or woodcocks. Our experienced and helpful guides are here to ensure you have a safe and fun experience.

Great North Woods Businesses 

There are a lot of great businesses in the Great North Woods to check out during your stay including Lopstick located in the Connecticut Lakes Region, which is home to some of the finest tailwater fly fishing in all of New England. Complete with 57 cabins on or overlooking First Connecticut Lake, Perry Stream, the Connecticut River and Black Lake.

Or check out two great businesses that have teamed up to offer great food and lodging. Parsons Street Restaurant and Jackson’s Lodge have joined forces during the pandemic and have found the partnership to be a winning combination.

Parsons Street moved their dining operations to Lake Wallace, Canaan, VT for the summer and fall and are planning to return to their Colebrook, NH location in for a late fall in New Hampshire.

Jackson’s Lodge owners Gloria Jackson and Mark Leveillee reached out to Parsons Street owners, Linda and John White, offering up their kitchen and dining area at Lake Wallace to help Parsons get started during the restaurant rules set in place for COVID.

The partnership born out of the pandemic has proven to be beneficial for all involved! Both couples report an increase in local business from the Northeast Kingdom region of Vermont as people are looking for places to relax and get a good meal closer to home.

Come support local businesses and then join the fun here in the Great North Woods. Whether that is fly fishing or bird hunting, we have something for everyone!


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