Hotels and Motels

Looking for affordable, comfortable lodging in the Great North Woods?  Have a look at what we have to offer!

We have plenty of motels and hotels in the North Country, we’re sure you’ll find one that suits all of your needs. In the days when Americans got in their cars and set out to explore their country, motels popped up along the roadsides to offer clean and comfortable accommodations for those resting for a night before continuing their travels or folks who wanted to stay a spell and use their room as a base for their adventures and explorations.  In the Great North Woods, the era of roadside motels continues to thrive.  Most are privately owned by folks who love people, take pride in their properties and offer fabulous service that is budget friendly.  Wherever the road takes you throughout northern New Hampshire, count on a roadside motel to see you through the night. One of our favorites is River Edge Inn.

​Our only resort hotel in New Hampshire’s North Country is a resort located in Dixville Notch.  Formerly operated as the Balsams Grand Resort Hotel, this historic lodging establishment has a storied past.  In recent years it’s ownership has changed hands and as such, it is currently being redeveloped.  Stay up to date by checking on their website and Facebook for re-opening information.  Many generations have enjoyed stays here, and we hope they will again very soon!

Colebrook Country Club & Hotel
Diamond Peaks Inc.
RiverEdge Inn & RV Sites
The Buck Rub


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